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Launched in 2017 for everyone who wants to change the world through their thoughts & actions, and for all those people who have an opinion on everything.

If you have a solution to any of the sufferings of this world or want to change the things around you, then, my friend, you’re at home.
On this blog, you’ll get tons of ideas & solutions for everything that matters to you, e.g. solutions on making life good for your children, solutions for making humanity the priority, or anything regarding the policies of the lawmakers of this world. Well, you all know how the government sucks in making policies.

I write about the things which hold a great place in an individual’s life and at the end of the articles, I also give few solutions which can help everyone in this world. Although I’m a novice and I’ve just joined college but few of my articles (two, to be precise) were also published in The Times of Shimla (a unit of The Times of India).

Actually, since I was in 8th grade I wanted to change this world, I wanted to change how things work, not only in our society but also in our schools and families. I hated going to a class where we were asked to mug up the things just because they were supposed to be like that. I had questions, but, I guess no one was there to answer them, no one was there to tell why ‘night’ and ‘knight’ produce the same sound. And, why girls are always considered to be inferior to boys in our families, let alone in this whole world. I think that’s where it all started; the root of questioning things. I started a blog way back in 2015 most of which was based on love, but then I realised that I was leaving something behind, and here it is, right in front of you.
Right now, I’m living in New Delhi and pursuing B.A.(English Honours) from the University of Delhi. So, if you ever get to pass by, don’t forget to say hello. 🙂 Because chances are that my shyness will never allow me to start the conversation even if I’ve thousands of questions in my mind about you or even if I’m adoring your beauty. LOL.

Here are some of the links of my social existence where you’re free to drop me a message and tell me something about you. Oh Yes! I’m a good listener.

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By the way, don’t forget to subscribe the blog via email to get instant updates right into your inbox.
And hey, thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate it. Have a good day and an amazing life. 🙂


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